Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How "engaged do you feel?"

A global Gallup survey found that at the average firm only 33% of employees describe themselves as fully engaged in their work, 49% say they are not engaged and 18% say they are "actively disengaged". At what Gallup calls "world-class" companies, the proportions are 67%, 26% and 7% respectively.How engaged do you feel with yur company?

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How's Your CV???

Let's see how you think your CV rates!

Does your CV contain words like these...?

Managed    Controlled    Co-ordinated    Eliminated    Introduced    Headed    Successfully    Effectively

These are positive action words that will enhance you in the mind of the reader. Most people can't be bothered to review and analyse what they have really done in jobs they have previously held and therefore their CV is bland, unexciting and unlikely to make the cut. With the amount of competition for jobs today you simply have to put in more effort in order to win through to the next stage.

And of course the beauty is... that once you've done the work... it's done! You just have to tailor it to the role and the company each time to make sure that what they're looking for jumps out at them from
your CV!

Check out Positive & Negative words and see you measure up!

Top Ten Jobs Employers are having difficulty filling globally

In 2011, a survey by ManpowerGroup found that 34% of employers worldwide were having trouble filling jobs, with technicians, salespeople, skilled-trades workers and engineers the hardest to find. Assuming the world economy manages to grow in 2012 the problem will get bigger.

Source: ManpowerGroup.