Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to WRITE who you are.

Your CV  is  you.
At least until the interview takes place. So it had better be the best it can be at representing you because you won't get on if you don't stand out. This is the foundation that the interview will be built upon.

Your interviewer doesn't know you but they will have constructed a mental picture of who they think you are based on what you've said in your CV.  And an impression, once formed can only be changed with difficulty.

Now it's not foolproof but if your'e confident in your CV you'll be confident in you yourself. And if you're confident in yourself you're more likely to conduct yourself impressively at interview. The picture that they've constructed will be a picture of you that you will have no problem expressing in reality.

And impressive at interview puts you in a pretty strong position don't you think?


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