Saturday, August 6, 2011

So what's different about this blog?

Everywhere you look there are companies offering to write your CV for you. They have expert writers in your field and will custom build a killer CV that will open the door to interview. If you want a short-cut take it; don't bother reading any further. Just don't think you've cracked it. Make no mistake… what I’m writing about is SELLING – not CV writing or interview skills - BUT SELLING & MARKETING YOURSELF!

Selling and Marketing yourself is about improving your lifestyle and about making money. Why else would you go to the effort? You want more out of life and you know you’re capable of getting a bigger slice of the pie than you already have. But you’ve got to want it! The more reasons you have for improving your life the more determined you will be to achieve it. And… if you’re thinking “I’ve never achieved anything before” it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from: only where you want to get to. Dwelling on the past simply makes it become your future. Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? In most cases the overriding reason is that they have programmed themselves to reach goals, to achieve, to be a winner. They view themselves as a product that has to be sold. They work every facet of their personality to their advantage and they have exceptional drive in pursuit of their goal. It was once said that Bill Clinton won the presidential campaign because he

·        possessed superlative stamina
·        had unwavering efficiency in pursuit of a desired objective
·        demonstrated resourceful resilience (the art of managing a setback)

Everybody, no matter how successful they are, at some point encounters a setback. It’s what they do that differentiates winners from the rest. In order to win you need to be in control. And getting a job today will generally involve

1.     Compiling and sending out your CV
2.     The possibility of Psychological Testing
3.     Interviews

The ONLY PART of this process that YOU CAN CONTROL is the content of your CV. At every other stage the employer sets the agenda and is in control. But you can influence their level of control by constructing your CV to be attention grabbing, directly relevant and persuasive. You are attempting to get the employer to buy YOU! So you must look at yourself as product. A product that is in competition with perhaps tens or hundreds or thousands of other products. YOU MUST BECOME YOUR OWN BEST PRODUCT.

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