Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tangibles & Intangibles

Selling something  tangible is selling something that you can see, touch, feel, turn upside-down, paint blue etc. Selling something intangible is selling something that in essence doesn’t exist in reality – it can’t be touched or stored but it most certainly can be felt! Your personality and your attitude for instance. Some call it your persona.

Applied to writing your CV and attending interview how does tangible differ from intangible?

Well, your CV is all about intangibles – your qualities, your knowledge your experiences, your aspirations etc whilst the interview embraces your physical attributes as well – your dress, your demeanour, your handshake, your eye-contact and so on. 

You will be questioned on everything contained within your CV as well so the interview itself is perhaps considered as potentially even more important than the written CV alone.

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